Surgical Dentistry

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Surgical Dentistry

Whether it be because of genetics, habit, or misfortune, there are times when the teeth can become damaged. Damage to your teeth can have long-lasting impacts on your overall health if left unattended. This is not limited to some pain or discomfort in the jaw.

Surgical dentistry can help reduce major issues such as diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, and so much more. Strike while the iron is hot and take your health into your own hands. That is why our office provides surgical dentistry. We want to help guide your teeth on the road to recovery.

Any problem left alone will only grow in magnitude. We want to see your teeth restored to their original state in as efficient a manner as possible. To that end, we have two options available: dental implants or periodontal treatments.

Dentals implants are a permanent solution to replace any lost or missing teeth. They are easily maintained and help prevent bone loss.

Periodontal treatments are meant to serve as the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Our doctor will quickly identify and address any potential signs of disease in a swift and timely manner. You can put your health in our hands.

Surgical Dentistry

Root Canal Therapy

A solid solution for anyone experiencing severe tooth pain or sensitivity

Tooth Extractions

Reduces harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums

Crown Lengthening

Exposes more tooth to reshape your gumline

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