Tooth Extractions

Expert Dental Care For Painless Tooth Removal

Tooth Extractions

At Port Orange Family Dentistry, we know nothing is as beautiful and functional as natural teeth, so we do our best to preserve them with restorative treatments and conservative procedures. However, we know that teeth extraction is simply inevitable sometimes, so we are also ready to help you if you need oral surgery.

The most common reasons why you might need to have a tooth removed are:

  • Long-standing dental decay: when cavities are too big, they weaken the tooth structure so much that it cannot be restored with a root canal treatment and a dental crown.
  • Severe dental trauma: some extensive fractures cause irreversible damage to the affected teeth.
  • Advanced periodontal disease: when periodontal disease progresses and starts to affect the bone tissue, teeth can become so loose that dentists have no choice but to extract them.
  • Third molar pain: wisdom teeth are usually extracted before they cause any problem, but if they get infected and trigger pain, they should be removed immediately.
  • Orthodontic treatment: sometimes, orthodontists indicate the extractions of premolars to enable the alignment of severely misaligned teeth.

At Port Orange Family Dentistry, our experienced dentists perform gentle teeth extractions. They are committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure, so if you need to have a tooth removed or undergo any type of surgical procedure, do not hesitate to contact our office!

Advantages of Extractions

Prevent the Spread of Infections
Facilitate Orthodontic Treatment
Relieve Pain
Maintain Oral Health

“Such a great atmosphere! Everyone here is so nice and attentive. Can’t believe I’m saying this but even the injections aren’t bad!! Highly recommend this place-clinically competent and excellent service!”

— Taylor H.

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