Periodontal Treatment

Join the Fight Against Gum Disease

Periodontal Treatment

Don’t let gum disease have a say in your life. Periodontal diseases come from bacteria that attack the gums. Gum disease is a common affliction that affects most people, particularly those older than 40. If left untreated it can cause much more debilitating results like heart disease or pancreatic cancer.

Some signs of periodontal disease include:

  • Bright red gums
  • Inflammation
  • Toothaches
  • Loose Teeth

Periodontal disease doesn’t have to get the final say. If you notice any symptoms or suspect that you may have gum disease, schedule an appointment with our office today. We will walk you through the steps it takes to restore your gums to their proper state. At Port Orange Family Dentistry, we are determined to get your mouth back on track.

Our office is dedicated to the health and well-being of each of our patients. We want to see you both comfortable and healthy. After all, Dr. Powers’ mission statement is, “A beautiful smile can open your door to endless possibilities. We hope to meet or exceed all your expectations.”

Advantages of Periodontal Treatment

Reduced chances of severe diseases
Pain relief for the gums
Better breath
Correlation to cardiovascular health

“Everyone was super friendly. My son had a cavity and I was having a hard time trying to get him scheduled back with my busy schedule and the dentist decided to do it right then instead of me coming back. It was so nice and helpful.”

— Angela N.

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